From the Santa Barbara Independent:

Most relationships involve some push and pull, whether or not it’s apparent from the outside... Dichotomous, a duet that sheds light on that elusive force between a man and a woman. Rather than relying on the performers alone to convey tension in their movement, Pinter has designed a sensor wrapped in stretchy fabric that “feels” the pull on the material and relays that information wirelessly to a computer, resulting in changing projections and sound effects as the dancers manipulate the prop.

Along with performers Kaita Lepore and Steven Jasso and cocreator Anaya Cullen, Pinter has explored the many ways tension shows up in our lives, from internal struggles to the power of attraction to antagonism and conflict. “This theme started emerging about male/female relationships in general,” Pinter explained of the rehearsal process. “We started asking ourselves, ‘Are all relationships the same?’ We thought if we could explore this Mars versus Venus thing in a visceral way, stripping away all the words, that could have real impact.”...