Fluid Connections
Fluid Connections is a body-based interactive installation that explores movement and interpersonal boundaries and connections. The body extends into space through extensions that are long, fluid and floating. Movement of the body creates ripples in these ephemeral extensions. When two strangers are each interacting with the piece, and then their fluid limbs cross paths, they unexpectedly bond together. The limbs combine, and the strangers are connected. Energy visibly pulses between the bodies. (People interacting with the piece have reported feeling something in their body when this connection happens.) There is an opportunity to explore inter-connectedness and a release from the mental boundaries and walls that separate us from each other.

Nashville Ballet interacting with Fluid Connections

History of the Exhibit

Why body-based interactivity?
My interactive work typically engages the participant in movement, often working with silhouettes or live abstract representations of the body. In these representations of the live participant, there is no race; no class; no gender or sexual orientation or nation. The works often explore connections between people, sometimes through this stripping-away of society’s symbolic descriptions of ourselves; sometimes through more direct visual merging and connecting of participants’ silhouettes. In this way I endeavor to present the body in its most elemental form, a form that is unifying and shared across borders and boundaries.

As human beings we all have physical bodies, and sense and react and interact with the world through their physical selves. While this seems obvious, it can also be profound and is the deepest level of connection we have with each other. Sometimes you can't articulate or even process what you feel, but you can still express it with your body. Movement is primal and has the potential to bring people together and connect people at a deep, visceral level.

Non-dualistic philosophy rejects the premise of a subject/object distinction. It maintains that reality exists where there is a collapse of subject and object. Conceptual artist Mel Bochner said, "Boundaries are only the fabrication of our desire to detect them."

The artist interacting with Fluid Connections during testing for Experiment Weekend, State Street underpass, Santa Barbara.