Pas de Trois: Adagio
Rope, wood, lycra sheets, scarves, robotic motors, electronics, computer
Exhibited April 1 to May 22, Arts Fund Gallery, Santa Barbara, California.

"Pas de Trois: Adagio" explores an ambiguous boundary between the corporeal and the technological. The work utilizes choreographic strategies from the domain of dance and realized via robotic motors. Each of the three "dancers" is embodied in a different material: a rope, a set of scarves, and an extruded lycra/spandex panel. Each of the objects responds in its own unique fashion, according to its inherent material properties. More specifically, each material element is given agency, via motor control, through choreographed “gestures.” These gestures undergo manipulations in tempo and quality to create a range of motion qualities. In this fashion, movement and dance serve as the driver for the aesthetics of the work.

Santa Barbara Independent, May 18, 2016:
Excerpt: “There’s a charming connection here between the interactive robotic present and the modernist heritage that includes Magritte and Duchamp.”

Santa Barbara News Press, May 6, 2016:
Excerpt: “The installation work… combines elements of dance and robotics into a kinetic cerebral circus.”